Thursday, May 13, 2010


Summer '10 Tour w/Migraine

here is an updated itinerary for our tour with Migraine:

-MAY 29 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Wooly Blvd. w/Le Face/Francis Harold & The Holograms/Legal Weapon/NASA Space Universe
-MAY 30 - Phoenix, AZ @ Trevor House w/Standards/Elders
-JUNE 1 - Denver, CO @ Blast-O-Mat w/Nerveskade/Crawl
-JUNE 2 - St. Louis, MO @ Fubar Lounge w/Mind Eraser/Slang/Suburban Smash
-JUNE 3 - Atlanta, GA @ The Cat Cave
-JUNE 4 - Tampa, FL @ Unit 19 w/Nazi Dust
-JUNE 5 - Raleigh, NC @ Kent House w/Squall
-JUNE 6 - Washington, DC @ Corpse Fortress w/Broken Bodies/Mad World/No Minion/State Violence
-JUNE 7 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Helter Shelter w/Mind Eraser/Slang/Kim Phuc
-JUNE 10 - New York, NY @ Johnson Ave. w/Pollution/White Lung/Natural Law
-JUNE 11 - TBA
-JUNE 12 - Cincinnati, OH @ CS13 w/White Walls
-JUNE 13 - Chicago, IL @ Kostner House w/Manipulation/Vital Error
-JUNE 14 - Minneapolis, MN @ House w/Much Worse/Getting Even
-JUNE 15 - Winnipeg, MB, CA @ McDermot House w/Born Bad/Stillbirth
-JUNE 16 - TBA
-JUNE 17 - Seattle, WA @ The Snakepit w/Mondo Agro/White Ambassador/Bone Sickness
-JUNE 18 - Olympia, WA @ House w/Walls/White Wards/Scary Man
-JUNE 19 - Portland, OR @ House w/Nerveskade/Basement Animal

On tour we will have with us...

-Ecoli "Swarm On The Swine" 7" (Stress Domain) *Pre order now from Stress Domain Records*
-Snuff Film 7" (City Records)
-Untitled new collaboration tape w/Migraine (Home Invasion)
-Yadokai demo tape (City Records/members of Ecoli & Morpheme)
-Vacant Rooms demo tape (members of Ecoli)

Snuff Film Tape (UPDATED!)

Front Cover Of Tape

Back Cover Of Tape

Tape Insert

This was a tape that featured Ecoli and Migraine fusing together into one band. The idea was for everyone to go into a room and all play at once. Two guitar players, two bass players, two singers, and one drummer. We also did not want it to sound drastically different from either of our bands. It was supposed to sound a little bit like Ecoli, and a little bit like Migraine.

The story behind the songs was that of a young girl who goes to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune, only to be picked up by mentally disturbed men and killed in the name of a ball room full of rich entrepreneur's entertainment. Each song is told from the view point of one person involved in the filming. You are lead to believe that the director of the snuff film has complete control over the project at all times until the end of the tape when he screens his picture for the producer, at which point he is scolded for creating such a horrible attempt at the fine art of snuff.

The tape was put out on Drone Errant Records. We received and sold our half of the tapes. I do not know what became of the rest...A repress of the tape on 7" format was released on City Records in time for our summer '10 tour w/Migraine. The sound quality is a tad better than it was on the tapes.

Front Cover Of 7"

Inside Cover Of 7"

7" Insert

-Tape 1st Press: 100
-7" 1st Press: 500 w/Black Vinyl
All Black Labels/Black Dust Sleeve

Track List:
The Actor
Camera Man


  1. do you possibly have an address for the Helter Skelter venue in Pittsburgh? and/or the time of the show if you know it yet?

  2. not yet, still waiting to hear back from the guy. i'll let you know when we do find out