Friday, June 25, 2010


Back From Tour

We have successfully completed and returned from our international summer tour with Migraine. Thanks to all the awesome people who helped us with last minute shows and the likes. This tour had it's fair share of van troubles and show cancellations, so sorry to the places we had to pass over.

Our new 7" "Swarm On The Swine" is out now and is still available (I believe) from the Stress Domain Records website ( Our new collaboration tape with Migraine entitled "The Delicacies Of Consuming Flesh" is also available from Home Invasion Records ( and Eradicate Tapes ( As if that was not enough, the Snuff Film 7" is now available to buy from the City Records website (

As far as the future of Ecoli is concerned, we are diligently working on our science fiction epic LP, which should be out some time before the end of time. Live shows will be few and far between until the release of this record.

The Delicacies Of Consuming Flesh Tape

Front Cover Of Tape

Back Cover Of Tape

This is a brand new collaboration between Ecoli and Migraine. However, it is not a new Snuff Film record. This band is completely separate and has the members playing different instruments than they were on the Snuff Film release. It also has a more jazzy feel to it. The basic story behind the tape is a member of a religious organization flies out to a remote missionary and retrieves a group of small children for the sake of bringing them back to the states and providing for them proper religious homes. The man is very sick and instead of following through with the former plan, he pawns all the children off to the black market except one. He brings the remaining child back to his home, where he proceeds to butcher and cook her. He accidentally burns her meat in the oven, which sends him into a deep depression from which he is never able to return.

Tape Insert

Home Invasion generously offered to put out the tape. They enlisted the help of their friends over at Eradicate Tapes in order for the tapes to be out in time for our summer tour with Migraine. We did not have the tapes for the first half of our tour, so both bands made a special tour edition of the tape with an alternate cover. The sound quality and availability of this tape are much improved over the Snuff Film tape, so do not expect to see a vinyl release for this band.

We do not have any of the tour edition covers handy, so if you did not pick one up from us on tour, I guess you're S.O.L.

-Tape 1st Press: 100
20 w/Tour Covers

Track List:
He Loves Me As I Love Him
Human Trafficking
Taste The Brood
Sad Epitaph

Vacant Rooms Demo Tape

New band featuring members of Ecoli with a much more melodic/noisy feeling. This demo tape was self-released by the band. Seeing as though they do not have an internet presence of any kind, this site will suit their music just fine. They will be playing in Oakland 7/5 with Pigeon Religion and in Richmond 7/10 with White Lung. More details to come.

Front Cover Of Tape

Tape Insert

-Tape 1st Press: 50
Blue/Red Transparent Insert

Track List: