Monday, August 16, 2010


New LP

We have been working on an LP for quite some time now. We are no wherenear finishing it, seeing as though we are still writing the music and outlining the story. We are also trying our best at having this record's lyrics read like a book. The story might make more sense if we include some sort of graphic novel with the record, so we will probablybe working on one of those as well. This is going to be a science fiction epic full of aliens, mutants and space battles. Here is some concept art for the album's story. More info to come...

Swarm On The Swine 7"

Front Cover Of 7"

Back Cover Of 7"

Our third record, which came out towards the tail end of June 2010. This album was recorded in our practice space in San Francisco and is probably the last release for Stress Domain Records (?).

Front Of Insert

Back Of Insert

This record is based off of the stories of King Arthur that were adapted to film in 1981's "Excalibur" by John Boorman. Boorman's vision of Arthur is a bit darker than what was initially written about him in "Le Morte d'Arthur" and we decided to focus on what made his version different. Undertones of incest, cannibalism, insanity, and the devil all made it into the songs on the record. The sound clip in the beginning of "Wind Chimes" comes from the movie "Excalibur".

Front Cover Of 7" (Test Press)

Back Cover Of 7" (Test Press)

-1st Press: 500 w/Black Vinyl
All Black Labels
14 Test Presses

Track List:
Incestuous Insects
He Feeds Me Carrion
Wind Chimes