Monday, April 26, 2010


April 24th @ Burnt Ramen w/Knife Fight/Nails/Dry-Rot/Lecherous Gaze/Al Qaeda
(Equipment malfunction = short set)

Summer '10 Tour w/ Migraine

May 29th - LA, CA
May 30th - Phoenix, AZ
June 1st - Denver, CO
June 2nd - St. Louis, MO
June 3rd - Atlanta, GA
June 4th - FL
June 5th - Raleigh, NC
June 6th - Washington, DC
June 7th - Pittsburgh, PA
June 8th - Philadelphia, PA
June 9th - Not Sure
June 10th - New York, NY
June 11th - MA
June 12th - Columbus, OH
June 13th - Chicago, IL
June 14th - Minneapolis, MN
June 15th - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
June 16th - AB, Canada
June 17th - Seattle, WA
June 18th - Olympia, WA
June 19th - Portland, OR
June 20th - Bay Area, CA

More show info to come....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



A couple shows that we are playing...

April 24 @ Burnt Ramen 8PM

April 29 @ Amnesia 9PM

Judas Cradle 7"

Front Cover Of 7"

Back Cover Of 7"

Insert For 7"

Between line up changes and extensive stints of inactivity, this record took a very long time to come out. Most of the songs were written during the writing for the WARM HUMAN BILE tape. Just as with the demo 7", this record uses pop culture references to carry its theme. In this case, the 1973 Alejandro Jodorowsky film THE HOLY MOUNTAIN was used as a base for the story. The film was an attempt to bring about a social revolution through unpopular religious methods. Although the film succeeded in "braking" the cinematic mold with an unusual plot and special effects, it seemed troubling that the whole concept of the film was built around the use of religious practices. Something that is in any way oppressive or restrictive to human impulse should not be used in an attempt to bring change.

The basic idea for the Judas Cradle 7" is that the narrator is looking for enlightenment through Alchemist practices. The character takes copious amounts of LSD and goes on a trip to find himself. He is essentially reborn by scrutinizing his character traits through the Tarot card. Each trait/card is assigned a song on the 7". The character goes through the same basic process of rebirth as the character in THE HOLY MOUNTAIN except that in the end, this character chooses not to accept the teachings of religion and to instead live his life how he sees fit.

The one song on the record that does not fit in the story is the first track SHUT UP AND SUFFER. This introduction to the record is about an actual event that took place in Amstetten, Austria. A man by the name of Josef Fritzl locked his daughter, Elisabeth, in a dungeon basement in 1984 and kept her there for 24 years. During that time, Josef beat and raped Elisabeth, who gave birth to 7 sons as a result. In the song, the narrator chastises Elisabeth for trying to pray to God. This sets the hypocritical tone of the narrator for the rest of the record. The privileged narrator is allowed to question his belief in God while in another part of the world, the only thing this woman has to hold on to is her comfort in God.

Judas Cradle was planned for release on our east coast summer tour in 2009. It did not come out until a month or so afterwards.

Front Cover Of 7" (Test Press)

-1st Press: 500 w/Black Vinyl
100 w/Clear Vinyl
All Black Labels
11 Test Presses

Tack List:
Shut Up And Suffer
The Gimp Box
Revolting Hallucinations
Judas Cradle
Self Cognization: Chud Baby