Tuesday, January 26, 2010


S/T Demo/"Rape" 7"

Front Cover Of 7" (2nd Press)

Back Cover Of 7" (2nd Press)

The demo (or "Rape" 7" as it is commonly referred to as) was recorded towards the end of '05 in bed room/practice spot. Most of the songs were written at least two years prior. It took almost one full year to self release on cassette tapes, during which Ecoli was completely inactive. Tape versions of the demo were first handed out at the Warkrime record release show for the "Give War A Chance" 7". They were used as incentive to buy Second Opinion records. None of these made it out of the bay area.

Front Cover Of Tape (1st Press)

Repressed to vinyl by Stress Domain Records just in time for the Second Opinion/Ecoli '07 west coast tour. 50 made with tour covers, which were all sold on tour. After tour, we went another year long hiatus.

Front Cover Of Tour 7"

Back Cover Of Tour 7"

Front Cover Of 7" Test Press

Back Cover Of 7" Test Press

Although it was a demo, there was a definite theme involved. Based around principles formed in the 1978 novel "The Turner Diaries" by William Luther Pierce, this record was an attempt at pointing out the dangers of uni-cultural societies and forced assimilation. Pierce's book was an inspiration for Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, while in contrast, this record did nothing.

-Tape 1st Press: 50 w/White Covers
-Tape 2nd Press: 25 w/Red Covers
-7" 1st Press: 500 w/White Covers
50 Tour Covers
All Purple Labels/Black Vinyl
3 Test Press
-7" 2nd Press: 300 w/Yellow Covers
100 w/Blue Vinyl
All Pink labels

Track List:
Big Stupid Ape
Whites Will Inherit The World
The Order
Social Anxiety
Warts On My Dick
Shoot Them All And Let God Sort Them Out

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